I’ve Fallen in Love!


I have butterflies in my tummy
I see rainbows all the time
I feel giddy
I’m filled with joy
I feel like the color yellow
I’ve fallen in love…
With my kinky twists (Marley twists, Havana Twists)

Okay I’m exaggerating. I just love the twists because I don’t have to put my hair in the hands of others. I get my twists done between 1-3 hours, depending on the size. I also practiced my new found skill on my sister and it worked. I twisted her hair in an hour! Woohoo.


I am finally an independent natural…okay not true. I will be needing help to get it straightened with heat one day. Enough ranting… Take a look at my week…

I found an old accessory from 2010 and decided to rock it before it gets missing again!


Me, my hair and Ruby woo!


So my dog caught me trying to take shots of my hair after I took the kinky hair attachment out!


Do not touch my hair Piya!


A new dawn…more Kinky/Marley/Havana twists for a new week!


Have a good night!

Always me,



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