Another Day, Another Hair

Hey World,

Sunday was wash day and wash I did. I decided to use my Miss Jessie’s Crème Cleanser and I think my scalp agrees with it. My hair does not itch at all. It’s much better than the black soap for now. I hope it stays that way. It may appear that I love too many hair products. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t even stick to one body wash or even body lotion. Besides, I’m on a hair and scalp journey!

So, this is what Sunday afternoon looked like:


I put my hair in smaller twists before I slept because I had an idea how I wanted to style my hair for Monday. No pictures 😦

Monday came and I unraveled my twists. Shortly after I styled my hair, my inner paparazzi emerged. I took some shots…and risked being late for work 🙂


I wonder what hair Tuesday has in mind for me. I hope this one lasts!

Always me,


My Hair loves Friday!


Well, I’m happy today’s Friday for obvious reasons! Well my hair’s at its best today and I don’t know why! It has sheen, it isn’t itchy, humidity can’t touch it…I could go on and on but take a look first…

20130726-101646.jpg #woohoo

I’m trying to think of reasons why. Could it be the cleanser I used on Sunday night to wash?


I doubt that. Although I think the cleanser is quite good. My scalp still isn’t itchy. Hmm. I will try it again and see. Thanks to my cousin Amanda. It’s part of the products she sent to me! (Miss Jessie’s Crème De La Curl Cleansing Crème). My hair stayed soft throughout the washing period.

Could it be because I shifted wash day to a Sunday?…meaning Friday is day 5 hair instead of the usual day 7 hair…yup that’s it! Maybe Sunday just might be the best wash day for my hair. I get to go to work with my hair at its best.

Let me go. I think I’m ranting.

Always me,

Twists and Bantu Knots

Hey All,

Last night I decided not to wash my hair. It seems like the black soap is doing a great job because my scalp isn’t as itchy as it used to be. So, I moisturized my hair with my water and leave in spray combo and followed with Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Next, I twisted my hair in small sections and tied them up in Bantu Knots. As I write this, I haven’t unraveled the twists yet. I do not see myself stepping out today, but if I do, I will cover up with a scarf. I shall wait till tomorrow to unravel my hair. I hope the results would make me smile.

Always me,

Return of my Hair

Hey World,

So last weekend, I decided to break my four-week spell of installing Marley/Havana/Kinky twists! I enjoyed it, got a little bored, enjoyed it again till I decided it was making me lazy. I felt I’d forget how to style my own hair and decided to give the style a week’s break…or two (we shall see).

I took the twists out on Saturday night…


Then I detangled my hair and used my Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque. I have actually used it before and it made my hair hard. I have no idea why that happened though because I followed the instructions by using it after shampooing. Well this time, I followed MY OWN instructions. I used it before washing my hair. My hair went POOF and was really soft. This product is the Humidity Fairy in a jar (in a good way).


After this, I washed my hair, conditioned and moisturized as usual. I put my hair in chunky twists and went to bed. The next day, I decided not to unravel my twists. So I ‘scarfed’ it up and went out…


Monday had my hair looking like this…


And then Thursday brought back the Garden Egg Style…


This style seems to creep up on me when I’m lazy! For those of you that have been following my blog, you’ll know what I mean!

Always me,

AWARDS and Rule Breaking!




First of all, I would like to thank aeyshadeedee and  herapereira for nominating me for the Liebster award and The Brown Truth and Iamnaturallykinky for nominating me for the Shine On Award. Also, I stumbled upon a certain blog: and saw that I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

I terribly suck at participating in things like this so I am afraid I must break the rules. I however must tell you a bit about these wonderful blogs. There is no day that I do not check my reader for their posts. I find their blogs so interesting and make it my day’s work to see if they have new posts.

So, as I break the rules, I would love to nominate them for the Wonderful Blog Award!! I know I just made this one up but these blogs are truly wonderful. I’m not just saying this because they nominated me. Feel free to check out their respective blogs for yourselves and see what they have to offer. Make sure you follow them when you realize that I was right to nominate them for the Wonderful Blog Award 🙂

Dear Ladies,

Your blogs make my day. Thank you.

Also, check blogs I follow for more interesting blogs. I love them ALL!

Always me,



p.s: I need to get a hang of this re-sizing pics business. Why is the Versatile Blogger Award picture so darn big?!