I’ve Missed My Hair!

My people!

I must confess to you all that I’ve missed my hair in its normal twist-out or bun. I’ve had my extensions in for 3 weeks now, going on 4, although I take them out weekly to wash and retwist. Underneath the kinky twists, my hair awaits me. It wants to be styled on its own! This weekend I was tempted to leave it be but in the name of protective styling, I decided to put in the kinky hair extensions again. I’m even yawning as I write this because I’m just bored now. The funny thing is that although its boring, I like not having to wake up and worry about the hairstyle my hair would choose. I also like not having to worry about the Humidity Fairy.

Meanwhile…I looked like this on Saturday before I washed my hair (I took off my earrings before taking these pics)


Someone said my hair looked like Marley! And like a boss, I said “Mission Accomplished. These are Marley Twists”.


Before washing, I dug up an old hair masque made from…I no longer know! I knew what was in it when I bought it a while ago. It was mixed by someone…I will reveal when I get the details. Well I put it in my hair after detangling and 30 minutes later, my hair looked like this…


I saw a photo op and I took it! Sadly, as the masque was on my hair, I had to wash. Wish I could’ve left my house with my hair like that!

Well after washing, I used about an hour and a half to install my Marley twists. Les Results…


I think I’m getting better at this 🙂

Always me,
Marley Sandeey


5 thoughts on “I’ve Missed My Hair!

    1. hey, thank you!. The one I used here is called “Mali Braids”. its 100% Kanekalon. My Mom sent it from Canada and she got it for over 10 dollars. Its expensive in Canada!

      I previously used Noble Kinky Extensions. Those go for about 8 dollars a pack. I used 2 packs. I know for sure they’re cheaper in the States.

      Are you sure you cant find em in Brazil? At least different brands.


    1. My braids never look the same after washing so I prefer taking them out. Also, I feel like my scalp isn’t as clean. Maybe it’s just me 🙂 I had to learn to be fast! Lol. If not, taking them down weekly and reinstalling would be a nightmare!

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