A Letter To My Scalp

Dear Scalp,

What do you want from me? You were itchy and I gave you Selsun Blue to relieve you. You were happy for a while but now it seems you have decided you no longer want Selsun Blue. You drive me crazy! #aargh.

My dearest dearest scalp, is it African Black Soap you crave? I’ve used it to wash and soothe you for two weeks now and you seem to love it. Should I continue? Please don’t revolt. I love the black soap so you better love it too!

Your Boss


Hi World,

As you can see from the letter, my Selsun Blue seems to be aggravating my scalp condition. My scalp no longer responds to the shampoo and flakes like crazy. It is also extra itchy. My dear friend Ify gave me some black soap and it is working well for me. I used it in the past but I cannot remember why I stopped. Whenever I wash my hair, it stays soft. I just pray it doesn’t turn it’s back on me. #FingersCrossed

Does anyone know why my shampoo decided to stop working? I need answers!

Always me,



  1. hey sandeey, your product didn’t stop working as I hope the content is still the same. Your hair just didn’t accept the product anymore. My hair and scalp is always changing, so I don’t have staple products or regimen. as I never know what my hair would like in the next 3 months.

    • Thank you! I totally believe you Adeola. Right now, if I dare use Selsun Blue shampoo, my scalp won’t forgive me. Also, my hair loves just leave in conditioner and coconut oil at the moment. Its crazy!

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