Another Day, Another Hair

Hey World,

Sunday was wash day and wash I did. I decided to use my Miss Jessie’s Crème Cleanser and I think my scalp agrees with it. My hair does not itch at all. It’s much better than the black soap for now. I hope it stays that way. It may appear that I love too many hair products. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t even stick to one body wash or even body lotion. Besides, I’m on a hair and scalp journey!

So, this is what Sunday afternoon looked like:


I put my hair in smaller twists before I slept because I had an idea how I wanted to style my hair for Monday. No pictures 😦

Monday came and I unraveled my twists. Shortly after I styled my hair, my inner paparazzi emerged. I took some shots…and risked being late for work 🙂


I wonder what hair Tuesday has in mind for me. I hope this one lasts!

Always me,



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