Hey World,

On Tuesday night, I decided my hair needed some moisture. I took out my Cantu leave in conditioner and my Shea Butter mix. I unraveled my hair in sections and used the Leave in conditioner before the Shea mix. Then I put the sections in small twists and pinned them up.


The next day, I unraveled the twists and pinned my hair up (exactly like Monday’s hair).



I thought I would wear my hair pinned up like that throughout the week but…Thursday made me put it in a bun…


I am such a “Johnny Just Come” (JJC) when it comes to making videos. I really hope my pictures help.

Always me,



  1. I “stalk” your blog and I love love love your hair styles. Few questions;
    Q1: what is in your shea butter mixture?
    Q2: Did you make it yourself?
    I have raw shea butter but the smell puts me off. Would appreciate a reply or an email. Thanks.

    • Hahah @ stalk. Thanks for stalking! Well I either whip my Shea Butter with coconut oil or with some aloe Vera gel and coconut oil. I love the results I get with both mixtures so I do whichever cones to mind. I do it myself. I think I have gotten used to the smell of Shea butter and probably those around me…I hope. I can’t do without it

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