A Million Bobby Pins

Hey World,

Lets talk about bobby pins, a.k.a hair grips. Am I the only one who finds them uncomfortable?

I watch a lot of YouTube videos where fellow naturals give tutorials on how to style natural hair. Most of the hairstyles I see require the use of bobby pins…a lot of bobby pins.

This morning, I was inspired by a certain YouTuber and decided to try out a hairstyle. I used about a million bobby pins (exaggeration but it felt like a million) to put my hair in an updo. The hairstyle looked nothing like the style I was trying to recreate but I went to work with it. I was so uncomfortable and felt every single pin in my hair. This happens every time I use bobby pins. Necessary evil? Definitely!


One question: am I wearing the pins the right way? My scalp has never EVER liked bobby pins.

I must either learn the right way to use bobby pins or learn to live with it because I absolutely love updos.

Hey World, any advice for me?

Always me,



  1. Hmmm… I see bobby pins are to you what head bands are to me. I will advice tht you avoid styles tht requires you using the alot of bobby pins close to your scalp. There are hair styles that require bobby pins around just the mid to upper length of the hair. Try mini to mid hair clips and hair claws instead. I hope this is helpful.

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