If I Write About It…

If I write about it, will it happen?
As I sit here drinking water and remembering my sugar popcorn binge,
I wonder…if I write about it will I stop?
Will I stop unhealthy eating practices?
Will I start exercising and eating healthy meals?
If I tell myself a healthier lifestyle would help my hair, will it make a difference?
Will I say no to all my favorite snacks?

Hello World,
Now that I’ve written about it…will it happen?
I think so!

Always me,
Healthy Sandeey


It’s Her Hair!

Hey World,

Yesterday evening, I went grocery shopping with Piya (FiancĂ©s nickname) and something funny happened. I was getting the usual stares from different women which I knew meant “Is that her hair?” Since I’m used to it, I just looked away and minded my own business. What did I hear next when we reached the till?

“It’s her hair. Yes it’s her hair. I know you are wondering because you have been looking at it!”

Leave it to Piya to answer questions asked by eyes. Haha. He loves my natural hair that much 🙂

After that, a mini natural hair question and answer session began. Did I like the attention? Definitely!

Always me,

Kinks and Pigtails!

Hey World,

As some of you know, I have been rocking my giant flat twists…


I unravel every other day and moisturize with a leave in conditioner and coconut oil. When I moisturize, I put my hair in pigtails till the next morning. Then I unravel and flat twist away.


I never knew my hair could do that. I always thought I had too much hair to fit into two braids. Who knew? Well I’m happy about it. Now I have gym hair! This is the way I’d love to wear my hair while exercising. Now, all that’s left is the gym!

Always me,

Good Girl

Hey All,

Something happened several days ago that made me wonder what natural hair means to different people. To me, it means not having to use relaxers, which leaves me with a burnt scalp. It means speedy growth for my hair because I have less breakage now. It also means learning how to take care of my hair all by myself…because I prefer that for now. It means getting to know my hair better because after 3 years, its still a phenomenon to me. It means seeing my hair grow the way it is supposed to grow. I can go on and on but I won’t because I’d bore you to death.

There’s a lady who called me a “good girl” because of the way I wear my hair. The first thing that came to my mind was religion. Maybe she thought it was a religious statement for me to rock my natural hair. She told me how great it was that I was natural but she wanted me to do one more thing to make the “good girl” look complete…stop wearing lipstick. I quickly shouted “Never” and changed the subject. I didn’t want to correct her impression of me and my hair because I don’t have to explain myself to anybody. So by her logic, if I relax my hair or wear weaves, I’m a bad girl?

Hmm. It’s funny to me.

Some people also say “your husband will enjoy because its cheaper to maintain Natural Hair”. I find this hilarious. How does having natural hair even lead to these conversations?

Just thought I’d share this with you.

Always me,

Finally, a Straight Line

Hello Friends,

I woke up today and decided my hair deserved to be parted neatly. So I took a tail comb (a rare find) and did just that. Same ol’ style of yesterday but with a neat parting. Here are some pics…


I’ve been enjoying this hairstyle because its so easy to do. It can be a nightmare if my hair isn’t well stretched. Hope I change it up soon. You know how addicted I can get to a hairstyle (*cough* Marley Twists).

Does anyone have any hairstyle ideas for me? I’d love to try new styles.

Always me,

Le Grand Flat Twist

Howdy World,

I bring to you a hairstyle I have been practicing and hopefully it will turn out better one of these days.


You can see I didn’t bother parting my hair neatly…I will do better next time. Hmm, my forehead and the hair it’s growing…let’s see what it wants to do.

Should have warned you that it was a short post.

Always me,

Miss Me?

Hey World,

Did you miss me? I hope so because I have missed you. I have been so busy but I told myself I must stop by today.

I have continued with my braid-outs that become updos. I doubt I’d ever twist after washing to stretch my hair because that certainly did not work as well as braid-outs. Braid-outs stretch my hair at once and makes it easier to style. Now, I just wake up and pin my hair whichever way I feel like every morning.

Something special came into my life recently! Flax Seed Gel! My amazing friend Abies gave me some and I am so grateful. It’s the perfect gel for me. When I wake up and my hair looks like I’ve been at war, I just rub some, tie a scarf and my hair is as good as Day One Hair. I recommend it for everyone!

Here are a few pictures I have gathered…selfies as usual 🙂



If you look closely you’ll see my forehead is hairier than usual. That’s because I usually trim it. I have however decided to let it be. Lets see how long I’ll allow it live.

See you later!

Always me,
Sandeey loves Flaxseed Gel