Salons and Whipped Cream

Hey world,

I’m sure you are looking at the title of this post and wondering whether I have gone bonkers. Read on and judge for yourselves.

Last night (or was it early this morning), I dreamt that I went to a salon to get my hair done. The stylist I met washed my hair so carefully and I didn’t have to worry. After washing, she began combing my hair and I did not feel a thing! She was so gentle with my hair. Next she brought out her secret hair product to moisturize my hair, and just as the title of this post has hinted you, it was whipped cream. I was skeptical at first but when she rubbed it in, my hair felt as soft as a baby’s. When I left the salon, everyone asked what I used and I told them about the whipped cream. Nobody found it strange and wanted to use some on theirs as well…no wonder it was a dream.

So as you can see, the title was the most appropriate for this post!

I’m no Joseph the dreamer but I’m sure I can interpret this dream simply to mean that I wish I could find a salon I could go to and come out with beautiful, well moisturized hair. Further, I wish I could find one where I wouldn’t need to teach or argue about how my natural gold should be handled. (Yes I wrote gold).

Sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly, life is happening to me. I will try my best.

Always me,



  1. Girl, apparently we’ve been having the same dream. One day, hairdresser will learn to appreciate and sweetly handle this gold of ours!

    I enjoyed reading this post!
    (Follower on IG)

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