Miss Me?

Hey World,

Did you miss me? I hope so because I have missed you. I have been so busy but I told myself I must stop by today.

I have continued with my braid-outs that become updos. I doubt I’d ever twist after washing to stretch my hair because that certainly did not work as well as braid-outs. Braid-outs stretch my hair at once and makes it easier to style. Now, I just wake up and pin my hair whichever way I feel like every morning.

Something special came into my life recently! Flax Seed Gel! My amazing friend Abies gave me some and I am so grateful. It’s the perfect gel for me. When I wake up and my hair looks like I’ve been at war, I just rub some, tie a scarf and my hair is as good as Day One Hair. I recommend it for everyone!

Here are a few pictures I have gathered…selfies as usual 🙂



If you look closely you’ll see my forehead is hairier than usual. That’s because I usually trim it. I have however decided to let it be. Lets see how long I’ll allow it live.

See you later!

Always me,
Sandeey loves Flaxseed Gel



  1. I miss you honey!
    I like your posts and your hairstyles!
    You look very beautiful…
    Everybody that I know talk about this Flax Seed Gel! And some girls that I know, have some recipes.
    I’ll try one day and post!

    Kisses 🙂

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