Good Girl

Hey All,

Something happened several days ago that made me wonder what natural hair means to different people. To me, it means not having to use relaxers, which leaves me with a burnt scalp. It means speedy growth for my hair because I have less breakage now. It also means learning how to take care of my hair all by myself…because I prefer that for now. It means getting to know my hair better because after 3 years, its still a phenomenon to me. It means seeing my hair grow the way it is supposed to grow. I can go on and on but I won’t because I’d bore you to death.

There’s a lady who called me a “good girl” because of the way I wear my hair. The first thing that came to my mind was religion. Maybe she thought it was a religious statement for me to rock my natural hair. She told me how great it was that I was natural but she wanted me to do one more thing to make the “good girl” look complete…stop wearing lipstick. I quickly shouted “Never” and changed the subject. I didn’t want to correct her impression of me and my hair because I don’t have to explain myself to anybody. So by her logic, if I relax my hair or wear weaves, I’m a bad girl?

Hmm. It’s funny to me.

Some people also say “your husband will enjoy because its cheaper to maintain Natural Hair”. I find this hilarious. How does having natural hair even lead to these conversations?

Just thought I’d share this with you.

Always me,



  1. Hey ‘good’ girl,
    Indeed natural hair means a whole lot of things to people.
    I enjoyed reading this and I’m inspired to to tell my own hair story…
    Stay beautiful!

  2. lol,that’s so funny never thought anyone will associate like that…………….i know i told i will inform you about the product i ordered ‘Carlo’s daughter’,sorry i never got back,didn’t like it much smelt like relaxer but got another product which is organic and works wonder and smells wonderful its called kinky curly,will take a pix of my tiny Afro and post sometimes soon……………oh i added you to instagram!

  3. LOL. It’s a silly idea or way of thinking but I’ve used it to my advantage at school a few times.
    At NLS, we have women at the door who monitor us as we go in before classes, to make sure we are fit and proper. Long skirts, black and white etc. On days my skirt may be too short for their liking (not short for a normal person cos those ones are just extra), I just shuffle in. And I’ve always felt it’s because they like my (good girl) hair. It blinds them to any other inconsistencies ^_^

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