This is Spartaaaa!

The dramatic title is necessary!

Last night, I made up my mind that my Seborrhea Dermatitis and I can never be friends. We can never live in peace. This is war!

I picked out my weapons: Denorex medicated shampoo and peppermint oil mixed in my deep conditioner.
Did I know what I was doing?
Will it suppress my enemy?
I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve been trying to manage my scalp problems but last night I noticed that it was flakier and itched more than usual, which I thought was impossible! I massaged my scalp with coconut oil mixed with peppermint and lavender oil. Then I rinsed with very warm water and washed with my shampoo and deep conditioner (mixed with peppermint oil).

The shampoo, which I was trying out for the first time, gave my scalp relief and felt good. However, it made my hair feel weird. It’s very hard to describe. I can best describe my hair at the time as feeling like thick cotton wool…not a good thing. However, immediately I used my deep conditioner, it solved the problem.

This is one war I’m determined to win. Wish me luck World!

Always me,
Sparta Sandeey

P.S…Hey World… 🙂



    • Thank you so much. In haven’t actually tried that. I just might! I have been so busy and haven’t blogged in a while. I will get to it soon!

      Thanks once again! Hugs

  1. I have been looking for a natural with seb derm for forever!! Thank u for having a blog! U rock! I have some questions, could I email you?

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