Hello World,

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for far too long. A lot has been happening. My hair and I are in the UK for the mean time. I’ve taken time to adjust and settle. I thought my hair would hate the weather here as it did when it was relaxed but it loves it! Maybe because I stumbled upon new products I love so much. Who knows? Reviews will be done soon.

I will have some more spare time soon to put up more posts.

I will share some pics with you today 🙂 I hope you’ll like them.









The last pic tells you a bit of why I am here 🙂

More of me soon!

Always me,



  1. Wait a minute, u are in Oxford? Wow!!!thats big.well done babes..i lived there for a while during my alevel days..it’s a really nice place, am ure u are having a ball out there..oh you look beautiful too, especially with the naural hair..I love your style 🙂

      • I know, it would be nice to meet you too. I am however not in Oxford atm..I left in 2011 and haven’t really visited since, except once in 2012..Ii really miss being there, especially the sights of d esoteric harrypotter looking buildings, lovely lakes et al..it’s all good..I have a friend currently in 1st year, just maybe when I come visiting,,I could holla at u…btw what college are u?

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