Blow Out and Banana Clip

Hey World,

I decided to give you more details on my blow out. I washed my hair two days earlier and prepared my hair for a twist out with African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditioner and Coconut oil. I rocked my hair in a twist out for a day and half. After that, I decided to try a blow out.

I bought myself an airstyler by Philips and heat protectant by Vo5. I took my hair in small sections and sprayed with my oil and water combo. After, I applied the heat protectant and detangled gently with a tangle teezer-like brush. Using the comb attachment with the air styler, I combed away with heat. I did this for the rest of my hair. I didn’t want it bone straight so i didn’t comb for long with the heat in each section.

I have already deep conditioned and washed my hair and it reverted back to its original coily self…although it took a while. I was so scared! I am extremely happy that my hair is back to normal.

Just thought I should share this with you 🙂

Always me,


I put my hair in a simple updo using my banana clip…


And this happened before the end of the day!


Rest in pieces my beloved banana clip. *sigh*


Hairstyle Of The Day

Hey World,

For those of you who wait for posts on my blog to see new pictures, I have some for you. Faithful Instagram followers would have seen them already.

I tried out a hairstyle yesterday and I believe it came out looking good. My hair was still in a blown out state so I achieved the results I desired. I have made several attempts in the past but it was different because my hair was not blown out. Enough of the blabbing. Here are the pics!



That’s it!

I hope I can recreate this or something close to it in the nearest future.

Always me,

I did it!

Hey World,

My last post informed you of my dream last night and guess what?! I bought the Air Styler. I couldn’t wait to try it so I made my first attempt at a blow out! I’m happy with the results. I will let the pics explain:










Last pic shows that the fun is over! All twisted up for bed.

Now I shall wait and ensure that there was no heat damage. Fingers crossed!!!

Always me,

@hairoflife on Instagram. The news gets there first!

Oh. One more pic!


Another Dream

Hey World!

Last night I had a dream that I straightened my hair (blow out and not relaxed). It was so strange to me and it was wonderful to see my hair straight since 2010. My hair was so long and shrinkage did not rear its head.

I knew it was a dream because my hair was bone straight instead of the blown out look. I believe I’m being told it’s time for a blow out. I will visit the nearest Argos soon to get an air styler. More to come.

Meanwhile, peep some pics of my recent braid out experience:






Always me,

The Longer the Hair…

Hey World,

I won’t even bother boring you with excuses about my seasonal blogging so I will go straight to the point! The longer the hair is…the harder it is to care for. Well, this has been my experience.

I’ve been seeing a lot of breakage and split ends and as usual, I get out my hair scissors and go “chop chop”. This has definitely been stunting my hair growth. I now wonder, if I cannot take better care of my hair at this length, what will I do if it gets longer!

I’ve lost most of my patience with my time consuming hair routine and usually skip the all important deep conditioning before washing. Also, I find myself just “bunning” my hair immediately after washing. This results in a tangled mess that I have to whip out my scissors to save. Good idea? No! I know I should do better and I will. Starting from now, I will take better care of my hair!

End of rant 🙂




Always me,
Sandeey xx

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