The Longer the Hair…

Hey World,

I won’t even bother boring you with excuses about my seasonal blogging so I will go straight to the point! The longer the hair is…the harder it is to care for. Well, this has been my experience.

I’ve been seeing a lot of breakage and split ends and as usual, I get out my hair scissors and go “chop chop”. This has definitely been stunting my hair growth. I now wonder, if I cannot take better care of my hair at this length, what will I do if it gets longer!

I’ve lost most of my patience with my time consuming hair routine and usually skip the all important deep conditioning before washing. Also, I find myself just “bunning” my hair immediately after washing. This results in a tangled mess that I have to whip out my scissors to save. Good idea? No! I know I should do better and I will. Starting from now, I will take better care of my hair!

End of rant 🙂




Always me,
Sandeey xx

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