I did it!

Hey World,

My last post informed you of my dream last night and guess what?! I bought the Air Styler. I couldn’t wait to try it so I made my first attempt at a blow out! I’m happy with the results. I will let the pics explain:










Last pic shows that the fun is over! All twisted up for bed.

Now I shall wait and ensure that there was no heat damage. Fingers crossed!!!

Always me,

@hairoflife on Instagram. The news gets there first!

Oh. One more pic!




  1. Mrs S, how did you manage a blow out that stayed straight? Please give me a step by step process of how you did yours…mine became an afro, lol. I’ll try and send you a bbm picture. I probably used too many products before hand.

    • Hey!! I will definitely write about what I did. Jut waiting to wash and determine if there is damage or not. Lol. Send me pics! Could it be the blow drier used? Or the temperature used?

  2. Hi!!!!!!!!! Lol have i been noticed? Okay! First of all i love your hair! Its so blck and full. Yh yh ur welcome 🙂 Questions! I have questions for you
    1. How did you manage your hair whn it ws shorter?
    2. If you were a student still in school, do you think you would still have the time to take care of your hair?
    3. Whats ur hair type?
    Ive been transitioning for seven months and im about to go in for my masters programme in Architecture. Im too scared to big chop because im scared i might not hve the time to take care of my short nappy hair. Please help

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