Blow Out and Banana Clip

Hey World,

I decided to give you more details on my blow out. I washed my hair two days earlier and prepared my hair for a twist out with African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditioner and Coconut oil. I rocked my hair in a twist out for a day and half. After that, I decided to try a blow out.

I bought myself an airstyler by Philips and heat protectant by Vo5. I took my hair in small sections and sprayed with my oil and water combo. After, I applied the heat protectant and detangled gently with a tangle teezer-like brush. Using the comb attachment with the air styler, I combed away with heat. I did this for the rest of my hair. I didn’t want it bone straight so i didn’t comb for long with the heat in each section.

I have already deep conditioned and washed my hair and it reverted back to its original coily self…although it took a while. I was so scared! I am extremely happy that my hair is back to normal.

Just thought I should share this with you 🙂

Always me,


I put my hair in a simple updo using my banana clip…


And this happened before the end of the day!


Rest in pieces my beloved banana clip. *sigh*



  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I recently blew out my hair and even though I have since washed, it is yet to revert completely back to its normal coily state and I am sooo scared that it won’t but now I’m hopeful that it will. *fingers crossed* I think I might never do this again.

  2. Okay, that wash thing was yesterday… lol… I really didn’t like my hair blown out and I just wanted my “real hair” back. So, anyways, I’m deep conditioning now, cos I didn’t have time to do it yesterday.
    Do you think that will make a huge difference? That I didn’t do it immediately?

  3. Hey Sandy, I did it too. I mean I finally typed this address and saw here what was going on. Cheers. Keep it up. sorry. Keep it combed. See you.

  4. My name is Hellat but i prefer being called Ama(Saturday born). my hair is natural, soft and long. i did not chemicalised it when i completed school. i do not know which products to use; pomade, conditioner and all the other stuff…please help me, my hair is getting spoilt

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