Estellaspride (hair products)

Hey World,

I have been receiving emails from naturals about products to use and I am glad to have helped. I recently found out about some great natural products and they’re very much available in Nigeria. Have you heard about Estellaspride?!

I cannot explain better than a co-owner of the product so read her words below:

“The products are all natural products that can be used for the skin, and both natural and relaxed hair. The oils, (carrier), are pure and natural. All the butters are natural, the Cocoa Butter is gotten from our own Cocoa farm (owned by the co-owner’s family); so it is in it’s natural form. Many of the Shea Butters sold now aren’t pure, many of them are adulterated, once that is purchased and used, it serves no purpose. Our Shea Butter is extracted without the use of chemicals. It has several uses and it contributes to hair growth (it has tremendously helped mine). We also have essential oils.”

“The website is
we deliver (wholesale and retail) anywhere in Nigeria but we’re based in Lagos. What made me go into this, I realized many people had to wait until they were traveling out to buy carrier oils, especially naturals like me. Or they had to order from neighboring countries, etc. When I decided to move home, I thought to change that. I’m originally from the South West in Nigeria and in my country-home, we have our own cocoa farm, that’s where we get the Cocoa Butter (cold-pressed), organic. Our Shea butter is also authentic, from a veritable source.”

“You can order on the website [ ], and you can call to order, the number is found on the “Contact Us” section of the website.
However, if you want to purchase wholesale, it’s advisable to email or call to order.”

So everyone, if you’re looking for natural products, feel free to try these out. You can’t go wrong with these!!!!!

Always me,




  1. Oh wow, thanks for that. Just went on the site. I’ve been researching on how to get raw cocoa butter so I’m definitely excited. They also have Jasmine Oil!! Thanks for this. Been looking for the oil for months. You’ve made th rest of my week.

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