Up-do Pics

Hey World!

I have pics for those of you who don’t use Instagram. Not many words for you so…




That’s it for now! More soon

Always me,

P.s: I recently gave myself a little haircut…not trim. I want a healthy journey to waist length so I had to get rid of my split ends once and for all! I will take better care of my hair from now on. (I know I said “not many words” when I started this post but I couldn’t help myself. I had to rant!)



    • Hi namesake 🙂 thank you. I will give a tutorial soon but done step by step in pictures. Look out for it. It’s actually the easiest style in the world

  1. Hi Sandeey

    Let me start by saying your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited to have found your blog and also learn you live in Abuja. Was supposed to retouch my hair some months ago and just shrank at the thought of the smell and feel of the relaxer on my head. I’ve decided to try going natural and hope it turns out okay. I’ve always had light, feathery relaxed hair and praying that it was the devilish relaxer that destroyed my beautiful hair and won’t have to face up to the fact that I just have bad hair genes!

    I work in the same place as your sis and I’m always eyeing her beautiful twists. Don’t want to be a weird stalker so haven’t walked up to her yet to ask her who her stylist is. Can you inbox me details?

    Going back to read your previous posts…

  2. Hi sandeey ma name is joy am a nigerian but reside in south africa, am also natural and love it , had ma transitioning it went well but faced so many difficulties ma hair grows pretty fast, am only 17 but I tell used a lot of product but now am just fed up of buying product and decide to just let it grow out like don’t know if I made the right choice , but I use TRESemme. Naturals conditional and shampoo I need ur help and love ur hair I want such a length ma hair length has grown to ma neck abit longer pls email me

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