Good Sunday

“Mummy Finger, Mummy Finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am, how do you do?…”

Finally I have some time to myself to write something! These kids were not having it today. Marcello woke up so early and Lausanne did not let me sleep! It was a very tired Sunday Morning so we decided to go for evening Mass. That means, I had to wait till evening to find out if my hair would be nice or not. 

Fast forward to evening, it was time to find out if the previous night’s TLC routine worked out. I have to say that it did!!! See for yourselves…

No updo for this mama! It’s too bad this night is wash night. I pray I have the strength. All I want to do now is sleep. 

So to recap, my TLC moisturising regimen is this:

  • Spray with Jojoba and water mix and leave for one minute
  • Use Cantu leave in conditioner 
  • Seal the moisture with Shea Butter

I think I just may stick to this routine. I will try it again and see how my hair does for the week. 

Always me,



Change of Mind

Dear World,

How are you today? I just wanted to let you know that I changed my mind about wash day…again. As you know, it was supposed to be on Thursday or Friday (yesterday) but I decided against it. Thursday’s change of mind was as a result of my balding edges but yesterday’s was because I decided it wouldn’t be wise. I am resuming work on Tuesday (after my maternity leave expires) and would need to have fresh hair all week. This cannot be possible with an early wash day. I have decided to wait till Sunday to wash my hair. This will give it time to dry and be in a style (fingers crossed) by Tuesday.

However, I gave my hair some TLC minus the trimming last night. I prefer trimming after a good wash. I brought out my hair spray bottle (it even sprays upside down!) with Jojoba Oil and Water, then my good ol’ Shea Butter and of course my Cantu Leave in Conditioner. 

I unraveled my hair in sections, and sprayed my oil and water mixture. I let the water sink in for about a minute then applied my leave in and topped it up with my Shea Butter. I paid extra attention to my ailing edges. My hair felt so good. It still feels good as I write this. 

My hair is currently in twists and I will be rocking what I believe would be a lovely twist out tomorrow to Church. If it isn’t lovely, I will go with an updo. Let’s see what happens. 

Always me,


The After Baby Gift

Hey World,

I have just received my “after baby” gift! Now, is it a gift to be excited about or not? I would say…NOT! <insert tears>. I will explain.

As I said in my last post,  wash day was supposed to be yesterday or today, depending on the baby’s mood. Well, it didn’t happen yesterday and baby had nothing to do with it. This is what happened: Baby was playing on her baby gym playmat and I saw this as a chance to wash my hair. I raced to the bathroom and brought out my TLC kit, which contained my hair oils for a nice prepoo routine. Well I took off my satin scarf and saw it. The gift. The “after baby” gift. Known to many as the result of…postpartum shedding. The baldness. The bald edges. Yes I wanted to cry.

I know I wrote earlier that postpartum shedding had begun but I didn’t know it would go this far so quickly. I was surprised to see it happen overnight! I had to postpone my washday because I needed time to grasp what had happened. I did not want a repeat of last time where I was confused. As I write this, I have gathered myself together and I am ready to tackle this postpartum bogeyman. I’m contemplating whether to take a picture or not. Oh well I will save this post in my draft until I make up my mind…

**2 hours later**

I’ve made up my mind. Here you go:

The pictures do not even begin to show how bad it is. I was already dreaming of my Ecostyler gel and how I was going to use it next week when I resume work. Oh well, let me go research postpartum shedding-friendly hairstyles.

Always me,



Happy King’s Day…if you know what that is. It’s the King’s birthday here in the Netherlands so I dressed the kids up in the appropriate orange gear:

As for me, let’s just say I did not dress up or even get my hair done. We used the day to rest and boy was I tired of resting. 

It’s wash day or should I say wash night today or tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. I usually fix a wash date with my kinks when Lausanne is well fed, rested and in the mood to hang out without me. I hope I have enough time to give my hair some TLC. It’s been a long time since I used a deep conditioner so I will attempt that and a little trim as well.  Fingers crossed. 

Always me,


Are you sleeping?

Hey World,

You know the rhyme “are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John?”  Well I’m pretty sure he was sleeping so lucky him. I cannot remember the last time I slept…well.  Anyway, whether I sleep or not, I still have to protect my hair at night…right?

Well after my day out yesterday with my family, I twisted my hair into four places. I didn’t feel the need to use any moisturizer because it was still moisturised. However, I did use my Jojoba oil while twisting. Then I decided to take a pic! 

Thanks to my personal camera man, Le Hubz. 

Well immediately after, I put on my satin scarf. Let’s just say I don’t really wait for night to put my scarf on. I love laying around at times so I must protect my hair always. 

I have to go way off topic for a second here. How did I not know that yoghurt bark was so yummy! I recently found a recipe for yogurt bark online. I made mine with Greek yoghurt and a little honey. Yum! 

Alright, back to hair. How do you sleep at night? Do you protect your kinks/coils/curls/locs etc.? Or do you allow it sleep on your pillow? If it’s the latter, I sure do hope it’s a satin pillow. Note to self: Get one! 

Always me,


My 2010 Mind: The Life of Suya

Hey World,

As promised, here is a piece I wrote for my private blog in 2010. I must warn you, this has nothing to do with hair! Try to enjoy. For those who don’t know what Suya is, here is a pic (it’s delicious!)…

The Life of Suya

Whenever I go to eat suya, I never think about how the meat feels being on the fire. Roasting and being drenched in oil for my pleasure. You may be thinking it’s crazy to have such thoughts…well it isn’t. I had them today.

I stepped out of the office (wish I could say ‘my office’) and stood looking for a taxi. Squinting and trying to stay calm under the scorching sun, I reached into my bag for my sunglasses. Before I could say ‘hia!’, my eyes screamed! Why did they scream? NO SUNGLASSES! How could I not put my sunglasses in my bag? Why do I always forget important things like sunglasses and umbrellas respectively on sunny and rainy days. Well, with no safe haven for my eyes, I waited for a taxi.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four! No taxi. As I stood there praying for salvation in the form of a taxi, I recalled how I once shouted to a suya man: “oga make it done well well” (pardon my version of pidgin English). I imagined myself on the fire and my owners shouting the same. Oh suya you try so much. Next time I want to eat you I’ll thank you first.

Ten minutes later (1 hour in Sandra time) a taxi comes by. In my mind I’m dancing and singing praises while my mouth asks the man how much. I hop in and think I’m free from the scorching sun but to my horror the taxi is like an oven. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If I held dough I would’ve been eating cookies by the time I got home.

The sun beat my laps as if they annoyed it. It slapped my face and forced me to turn the other cheek. By the time I got home, I was scared to pet my dear dog. Why? You may ask. Well all I can say is I didn’t want my dog telling the suya man (sun) “oga thank you for this Suya, I mean Sandeey”.

Always me,


Play Day

Hey World,

As I write this, I am currently sitting at a table with my sweet Lausanne (who is thankfully asleep), at a place all for Marcello to play.

I guess I have some time to publish a post right now. 

So, I woke up this morning with the goal of looking human! Well, it almost didn’t happen. It seems some sort of alarm goes off in Lausanne’s head any time I touch my hair! Once again, I unraveled the chunky twists (made the previous night to keep my twist out in tact) at super sonic speed. I realized I would never be able to put my hair in a special style because Lausanne was determined to cling to me. So, while calming her down, I managed to come up with something fast. Here are the pics:

Not exactly what I wanted but it worked. Gone are the days where I spent a million years styling my hair. I have got to research hairstyles for moms with no time! 

Once again, I used Jojoba Oil on my hands while styling my hair. I love that oil! I recently found it for a wonderful buy one get one free deal. I’m so happy with my purchase. 

I bought other types of oils as well and will be using them from time to time, in different ways. I will be writing about my adventures with these oils. 

I’ve got to go now. 

Always me,