Sunday Morning

Hi World,

My Sunday kicked off with the soundtrack of baby’s cries and toddler’s whines. Fast forward to me trying to get ready for church. I needed to look like a human being and not a zombie mom for once. I decided I was going to unravel my twists and style my hair. With the help of some Jojoba Oil goodness on my palms (that stuff is good!), I unraveled my twists. Despite doing this with the speed of light (thanks to sweet Lausanne’s cries for attention), I believe it came out pretty well. I love my fluffy Sunday hair. 

We were almost late for church but a mini photo shoot still took place. Here are some pictures:

And after church…

So now, as I write this, I have released my hair from the grips of the hidden hairpins and have given it some freedom. It will probably last for a little while before my satin scarf puts it in captivity. I need a nap!

Double post today as an apology (did it work?). 

Bonus: Following me on Instagram (@hairoflife) gives you the best understanding of my hair adventures. I posted about Friday’s wash day regimen. This is the picture I posted…(visit my Instagram page for the words 🙂 ) Yes this is shameless advertising…

Ooo the kids are asleep! I will take that much needed nap now. 

Always me,



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