An Unpublished Surprise

Hi World,

Its me again. You will not believe what I found… an unpublished post! I think it was written as an attempt a sorry attempt to get back to blogging a long time ago. I cannot remember why I never got around to publishing it. Oh well, here it is…


Hello World,

It has been a long time away from you. So much has happened in between. Let’s catch up!

I had my white wedding on December 13th 2014…



I gave birth to my wonderful son Marcello on May 22nd 2015…


And my hair…well lets just say my hair has not been nice to me. Firstly, postpartum shedding was hard on my edges. I hid it with handy headbands…(still do). Now its a bit better but not the best yet. Also, I gave myself a not so professional hair cut that has left the length of my hair with the status of unknown. Postpartum shedding got the best of me by leaving my hair in a tangled mess after each wash. Rather than being my patient self, I practically ripped my hair apart. Knowing the damage it had done to my ends, I decided to give myself a haircut to cut off the split ends and to make detangling easier. It worked for detangling but I know I still have a lot of split ends. I parted my hair in two and snipped off my ends…it doesn’t work so please do NOT try that. I only did that because I was running out of time. It was nighttime, Marcello was sleeping and I knew he would wake up for a midnight snack. And now you know how the rest of the story goes.

It’s such a shame that my amateur solution to balancing motherhood and taking care of hair led to such a bad decision. Now, parts of my hair are waist length and some others are not. I do not even want to know how it looks when straight. I will get myself a professional haircut soon. Right now, I keep my hair in kinky twists. It first started with medium-sized twists. Then it graduated to large twists. Do not be surprised if you see me with one huge twist on my head. I will tell you soon with a short story called “Why Did I Do This To Myself?!!”.

Its been nice catching up. I have really missed you all. xx

Always me, 


This really brings back memories of how I felt back then. By the way, I never got that professional haircut. As I type this, postpartum shedding has begun and my edges have begun traveling abroad. I believe I am prepared this time. Let’s see what happens.

Have you forgiven me yet?

Always me,



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