My 2010 Mind: The Life of Suya

Hey World,

As promised, here is a piece I wrote for my private blog in 2010. I must warn you, this has nothing to do with hair! Try to enjoy. For those who don’t know what Suya is, here is a pic (it’s delicious!)…

The Life of Suya

Whenever I go to eat suya, I never think about how the meat feels being on the fire. Roasting and being drenched in oil for my pleasure. You may be thinking it’s crazy to have such thoughts…well it isn’t. I had them today.

I stepped out of the office (wish I could say ‘my office’) and stood looking for a taxi. Squinting and trying to stay calm under the scorching sun, I reached into my bag for my sunglasses. Before I could say ‘hia!’, my eyes screamed! Why did they scream? NO SUNGLASSES! How could I not put my sunglasses in my bag? Why do I always forget important things like sunglasses and umbrellas respectively on sunny and rainy days. Well, with no safe haven for my eyes, I waited for a taxi.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four! No taxi. As I stood there praying for salvation in the form of a taxi, I recalled how I once shouted to a suya man: “oga make it done well well” (pardon my version of pidgin English). I imagined myself on the fire and my owners shouting the same. Oh suya you try so much. Next time I want to eat you I’ll thank you first.

Ten minutes later (1 hour in Sandra time) a taxi comes by. In my mind I’m dancing and singing praises while my mouth asks the man how much. I hop in and think I’m free from the scorching sun but to my horror the taxi is like an oven. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If I held dough I would’ve been eating cookies by the time I got home.

The sun beat my laps as if they annoyed it. It slapped my face and forced me to turn the other cheek. By the time I got home, I was scared to pet my dear dog. Why? You may ask. Well all I can say is I didn’t want my dog telling the suya man (sun) “oga thank you for this Suya, I mean Sandeey”.

Always me,



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