Bantu and Braid United

Hey World,

A lot happened to me during the weekend. I will only mention the hair related one (a work related one has been revealed on Instagram).

It all started with washday. I decided to wash my hair on Saturday morning (Lausanne really decided for me). After washing, I kept my hair in a towel wrap till evening. This was not by choice. I just had to find time to continue. Anyway, I moisturised as usual with my TLC method and decided to twist and wrap in Bantu knots. Good decision? I think NOT. 

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I was getting ready for Mass and decided to unravel my Bantu knots. I imagined my flowing curls moving in the wind…yes wind 😁. Reality set in after I had unraveled all the twists. My hair was still damp. I didn’t even wait for the dampness to take its toll on my hairstyle. I braided my hair in two, pinned the braids behind my head and went to Church. 

Fast fast forward to Monday morning (today), I unraveled my braids and loved what I saw. A Bantu and Braid United hairstyle. 

My break is over. 

Always me,



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