“Hair” Road to Recovery 

Hey everyone,

I need to tell you a story of “hair” road to recovery. Get it? Hair/her road…hehehe. Don’t mind me please. 

Well after months of postpartum shedding, my hair is coming back with a vengeance and I’m so happy. I even dare to bare it most days now. After all I’m proud of the new hair. Welcome my babies! 


It’s been a while. My kids have really kept me away from my blog with their synchronized crying and pooping! I will not go into details about the synchronized pooping but am I the only one with kids who poop at the exact same time?! 

Oh and have you checked out my Instagram video? The “Raise your hand series”? I had to let out some steam on a very serious issue. People who give unsolicited advice about hair when they are in no position to do so! Yes this is me shamelessly advertising my Instagram handle. It’s @hairoflife (wink wink). 

Hope everyone is doing great. Hugs and kisses
Always me,



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