Curly Nikki!

Hey World!

I’m on Curly Nikki via Global Couture! So excited! Woohoo!


I love that website.

Anyway here are some pictures for you:

20130817-134426.jpg #FridayHair

I totally need new hairstyles 🙂

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Black Girl Long Hair

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday a wonderful thing happened to me. I was featured on That was the first site I ever went to when I stopped using relaxers 3 years ago. I researched on all things natural hair and got so much information. This is definitely one of my dreams come true! Woohoo!



Meanwhile, take a look at how I rocked my hair yesterday!


Do you like? More pics later.

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The Adventures of PAIGE and HAIR!

My name is Paige and I live in the UK. I blog at Chic With Kinks and I also own a TLC Naturals, an all natural & holistic line of hair care products

I have been ‘officially’ natural since December 2009. I say officially because for two years prior to that, I attempted to transition. That didn’t go too well and after experiencing an incessant amount of breakage, I got fed up and big chopped in December 2009. Big Chopping was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sounds like a clichĂ©, but it’s so true!

I am not a fan of complicated hair regimens and I don’t think I am the only one. A lot of people that want to go natural get put off by the many complicated regimens. Prepoo, cowashing, protective styling, baggying. etc etc. Natural hair needs a little manipulation as possible and we naturals seem to be doing too much all the time to our hair.

I am too busy with work & life that I do not have the time for complicated regimens. My hair also hates protective styling, so I wear my hair loose most of the time.


My hair care regimen involves washing my hair with a soap-free hair cleanser. I love the soap-free cleanser from TLC Naturals. I use a soap-free hair cleanser because cowashing almost destroyed my hair and I suffered hair loss from long term use of cowashing. Sulfate-free shampoos were too drying on my hair, so after learning from a French cosmetologist that soap should never be used on the skin or hair (particularly NOT on curly hair), I decided to eschew soap altogether. My hair has been thriving ever since.

I ‘shampoo’ my hair with the soap-free cleanser once a week and follow that up with a deep conditioner treatment. I normally rotate each week between using protein deep conditioner (which entails a mix of black strap molasses, olive oil and aloe vera juice) or a moisturising deep conditioner treatment (which entails a mix of olive oil, aloe vera juice)

On a daily basis or every other day, I use a natural hair butter on the ends of my hair at night and in the morning, I moisturise and seal my hair. I use the products from TLC Naturals for my hair care.

My hair strands are quite fine and very prone to breakage. Protective styling in any form (ie extensions, weaves, mini braids, mini twists etc) always does more harm than good for me and I end up losing handfuls of hair, so I avoid this. If i need to protect my hair, I’d simply wear a bun or pin/tuck hairstyle

I also use TLC Naturals Grow It hair growth products on my hair. I have no problems with growing my hair; I’m just not able to retain the hair I grow. The Grow It range is great, not just for hair growth, but also for length retention. Once or twice a week, I would baggy or do a GHE (Green House Effect) treatment with the Grow It products. They really help in eliminating any shedding or breakage.

To anyone thinking of going natural, but hesitant because the amount of work involved in caring for natural hair, I would say go for it. You do not need a complicated regimen to have beautiful and healthy natural hair. Simple regimens and simple natural products are all that are needed.


My blog – Chic With Kinks –

My hair product line – TLC Naturals –


Sandeey: Oh my goodness! I love her hair!! I really had to have her on my blog so you all could see how beautiful it is. I hope this motivates a lot of you. You better follow her blog because I have!

Thank you so much Paige for making an appearance! Hugs!

Always me
Sandeey Paige

Meet Natural IFY ISOH

Hey World,

This is Ify Isoh!

20130531-090733.jpg #TotallyRockin

Her last relaxer was on August 8 2012! I helped her with her big chop but we have both forgotten when it was #shrugs. Anyway she is loving her hair and I know we’ll see more length soon. She uses Shea Moisture products and uses the local black soap to wash her scalp (I did that in the past and loved it!). She also uses “mishanu” to cold steam her hair (I have to see that in action and try it!). See some more pics!


For those of you in Abuja, Nigeria, Ify is the proud CEO of Calip Fresh Juice!



Flavors include:
1)Pineapple,orange and ginger
2)Pineapple and ginger
3)Watermelon,pineapple and orange
4)Carrot,pineapple and orange
5)Banana,pineapple and orange
6)Carrot and ginger
7)Pineapple and orange
8)Mango,pineapple and orange
9)Plain orange
10)Plain pineapple
11)Plain watermelon
12)Plain carrot

I have actually tried most of the flavors and love em! I’m addicted.

You can get some by calling 08035588821 or 08038647026. Orders for 4 or more bottles attracts free delivery! (Deliveries are only made within AMAC).

Keep it up Ify! Both your hair and business!

Always me,

The Ruby Woo Night

Hey Hey Hey,

I’ve got a tale for you.

One night, 3 ladies named Sandeey, Yove and Nuellababy, were bored and decided to do something about it. They got out their Ruby Woo by Mac Cosmetics lipsticks and painted their lips. Next, they got out their cameras and took some pictures.

Before you see the pictures, I should tell you something…‘Yes, they felt like models’.





And so my friends, there you have it: The Ruby Woo Night. Do you want to know what happened next? Well, lets just say that this event took place at 11:45pm and after the pictures were taken, they wiped off their lipsticks and went to sleep! #hehe.

I think I have become addicted to lipstick. The addiction began when I read Julianna of Brushes-n-Pencil’s blog ( I read one of her posts where it was mentioned and #bam! I had to have that Ruby Woo.

Later world!

Always me,
Sandeey Lipstick Addict!