Hello World,

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for far too long. A lot has been happening. My hair and I are in the UK for the mean time. I’ve taken time to adjust and settle. I thought my hair would hate the weather here as it did when it was relaxed but it loves it! Maybe because I stumbled upon new products I love so much. Who knows? Reviews will be done soon.

I will have some more spare time soon to put up more posts.

I will share some pics with you today 🙂 I hope you’ll like them.









The last pic tells you a bit of why I am here 🙂

More of me soon!

Always me,


What I did Instead…

Hey Everyone!

Guess what I did this night instead…? You may ask “instead of what?”.

Well I got home from work and was exhausted. I needed to wash my hair but instead, with my last strength, I took pictures! #PicsPicsPics.

20130517-213023.jpg #rawrrr

You can see a length check going on :). Should my hair be at this length after about 3 years? Or should it be longer? Hmm.

I think I will wash my hair tomorrow morning. I actually have no choice because my hair is stressed. When it is stressed, it stops obeying me and my products. Speaking of products…get ready for something new this weekend! Woohoo!

I want my hair to take a break this week. I will either “wig” it or put it in Havana twists…choices choices! What should I do? I guess you guys will find out soon enough.

Back to TV now!

Always me,

Bored Silly

Hey World,

I’ve got a few pics for you!



My lady in red pic was taken yesterday. I was in a hurry to step out and used my bendy roller to stuff my pompadour and put the rest in a bun. I will always love that style.

The second set of pics…lets just say I was bored silly and snapped away. Somebody get that camera away from me! I can take pics all day…just for you guys!

I’m currently searching for naptural ladies to feature on my blog. If you want to be one of those lucky ladies, send an email to hairoflife@wordpress.com.

Always me,