Estellaspride (hair products)

Hey World,

I have been receiving emails from naturals about products to use and I am glad to have helped. I recently found out about some great natural products and they’re very much available in Nigeria. Have you heard about Estellaspride?!

I cannot explain better than a co-owner of the product so read her words below:

“The products are all natural products that can be used for the skin, and both natural and relaxed hair. The oils, (carrier), are pure and natural. All the butters are natural, the Cocoa Butter is gotten from our own Cocoa farm (owned by the co-owner’s family); so it is in it’s natural form. Many of the Shea Butters sold now aren’t pure, many of them are adulterated, once that is purchased and used, it serves no purpose. Our Shea Butter is extracted without the use of chemicals. It has several uses and it contributes to hair growth (it has tremendously helped mine). We also have essential oils.”

“The website is
we deliver (wholesale and retail) anywhere in Nigeria but we’re based in Lagos. What made me go into this, I realized many people had to wait until they were traveling out to buy carrier oils, especially naturals like me. Or they had to order from neighboring countries, etc. When I decided to move home, I thought to change that. I’m originally from the South West in Nigeria and in my country-home, we have our own cocoa farm, that’s where we get the Cocoa Butter (cold-pressed), organic. Our Shea butter is also authentic, from a veritable source.”

“You can order on the website [ ], and you can call to order, the number is found on the “Contact Us” section of the website.
However, if you want to purchase wholesale, it’s advisable to email or call to order.”

So everyone, if you’re looking for natural products, feel free to try these out. You can’t go wrong with these!!!!!

Always me,



This is Spartaaaa!

The dramatic title is necessary!

Last night, I made up my mind that my Seborrhea Dermatitis and I can never be friends. We can never live in peace. This is war!

I picked out my weapons: Denorex medicated shampoo and peppermint oil mixed in my deep conditioner.
Did I know what I was doing?
Will it suppress my enemy?
I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve been trying to manage my scalp problems but last night I noticed that it was flakier and itched more than usual, which I thought was impossible! I massaged my scalp with coconut oil mixed with peppermint and lavender oil. Then I rinsed with very warm water and washed with my shampoo and deep conditioner (mixed with peppermint oil).

The shampoo, which I was trying out for the first time, gave my scalp relief and felt good. However, it made my hair feel weird. It’s very hard to describe. I can best describe my hair at the time as feeling like thick cotton wool…not a good thing. However, immediately I used my deep conditioner, it solved the problem.

This is one war I’m determined to win. Wish me luck World!

Always me,
Sparta Sandeey

P.S…Hey World… 🙂

A Letter To My Scalp

Dear Scalp,

What do you want from me? You were itchy and I gave you Selsun Blue to relieve you. You were happy for a while but now it seems you have decided you no longer want Selsun Blue. You drive me crazy! #aargh.

My dearest dearest scalp, is it African Black Soap you crave? I’ve used it to wash and soothe you for two weeks now and you seem to love it. Should I continue? Please don’t revolt. I love the black soap so you better love it too!

Your Boss


Hi World,

As you can see from the letter, my Selsun Blue seems to be aggravating my scalp condition. My scalp no longer responds to the shampoo and flakes like crazy. It is also extra itchy. My dear friend Ify gave me some black soap and it is working well for me. I used it in the past but I cannot remember why I stopped. Whenever I wash my hair, it stays soft. I just pray it doesn’t turn it’s back on me. #FingersCrossed

Does anyone know why my shampoo decided to stop working? I need answers!

Always me,

Lazy Lazy Bones

Hey World,

So, last night at about 9:30pm, a not so bright idea popped into my head. The idea obviously came from my scalp. It was so itchy. ( I wonder if that itchy feeling is psychological because it only happens on wash days). Anyway, the idea was that I should go and wash my hair. I stood up and brought out some coconut oil my sister brought back from her office. It’s the good stuff! Smells soooooo good and it’s unrefined. Anyway, I took some and began my prepoo. I massaged my itchy scalp with the oil and applied some to the ends of my hair. When I got to a mirror, I saw this…

20130608-082105.jpg #Filteredmynightface (check out the unfiltered version on Instagram)

Well after seeing this, I struck a pose…

20130608-082215.jpg #workingit

Well after striking several poses (I showed you the best shot #hehe), I was lazy exhausted. I tamed that mane into a bun and tied my night scarf. Wash day was therefore postponed to this morning. As I write this, it’s raining and that’s my queue to get more lazy sleep!

Moral of this story…none. Just know that the coconut oil massage took the itch away! I will do this more often.

Always me,

The Adventures of PAIGE and HAIR!

My name is Paige and I live in the UK. I blog at Chic With Kinks and I also own a TLC Naturals, an all natural & holistic line of hair care products

I have been ‘officially’ natural since December 2009. I say officially because for two years prior to that, I attempted to transition. That didn’t go too well and after experiencing an incessant amount of breakage, I got fed up and big chopped in December 2009. Big Chopping was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sounds like a cliché, but it’s so true!

I am not a fan of complicated hair regimens and I don’t think I am the only one. A lot of people that want to go natural get put off by the many complicated regimens. Prepoo, cowashing, protective styling, baggying. etc etc. Natural hair needs a little manipulation as possible and we naturals seem to be doing too much all the time to our hair.

I am too busy with work & life that I do not have the time for complicated regimens. My hair also hates protective styling, so I wear my hair loose most of the time.


My hair care regimen involves washing my hair with a soap-free hair cleanser. I love the soap-free cleanser from TLC Naturals. I use a soap-free hair cleanser because cowashing almost destroyed my hair and I suffered hair loss from long term use of cowashing. Sulfate-free shampoos were too drying on my hair, so after learning from a French cosmetologist that soap should never be used on the skin or hair (particularly NOT on curly hair), I decided to eschew soap altogether. My hair has been thriving ever since.

I ‘shampoo’ my hair with the soap-free cleanser once a week and follow that up with a deep conditioner treatment. I normally rotate each week between using protein deep conditioner (which entails a mix of black strap molasses, olive oil and aloe vera juice) or a moisturising deep conditioner treatment (which entails a mix of olive oil, aloe vera juice)

On a daily basis or every other day, I use a natural hair butter on the ends of my hair at night and in the morning, I moisturise and seal my hair. I use the products from TLC Naturals for my hair care.

My hair strands are quite fine and very prone to breakage. Protective styling in any form (ie extensions, weaves, mini braids, mini twists etc) always does more harm than good for me and I end up losing handfuls of hair, so I avoid this. If i need to protect my hair, I’d simply wear a bun or pin/tuck hairstyle

I also use TLC Naturals Grow It hair growth products on my hair. I have no problems with growing my hair; I’m just not able to retain the hair I grow. The Grow It range is great, not just for hair growth, but also for length retention. Once or twice a week, I would baggy or do a GHE (Green House Effect) treatment with the Grow It products. They really help in eliminating any shedding or breakage.

To anyone thinking of going natural, but hesitant because the amount of work involved in caring for natural hair, I would say go for it. You do not need a complicated regimen to have beautiful and healthy natural hair. Simple regimens and simple natural products are all that are needed.


My blog – Chic With Kinks –

My hair product line – TLC Naturals –


Sandeey: Oh my goodness! I love her hair!! I really had to have her on my blog so you all could see how beautiful it is. I hope this motivates a lot of you. You better follow her blog because I have!

Thank you so much Paige for making an appearance! Hugs!

Always me
Sandeey Paige

Verdict: Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls

Hey Hairlistas!

I just want to let you know that I LOVE Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls!

20130526-132254.jpg #lovelovelove

It kept my hair so soft. I decided to put my hair in mini twists…(couldn’t help myself!) and used the product again. It made me realize that it works best on damp hair. It did not feel good on dry hair so I ended up using a spray bottle first. Hope I helped 🙂

Always me,

Product Review- Miss Jessie’s QUICK CURLS

Hey Everyone,

I hereby present Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls to you. This is one of the products sent by my dear cousin Amanda! You will definitely get to know her better soon (yes Amanda, this is pressure!). Well I washed my hair today and the only new product I used was the Quick Curls. I decided I wanted to know how effective the product was on its own. I used it for my twists without using any leave in conditioner first. I didn’t mix it with any oils either but I did seal my ends with Shea Butter.

I read this on the body of the product…
Locks in moisture (I hope this works)
Superb shine (hmm. Lets see if my hair can shine)
Excellent light weight coating
Will help cut down frizz (it had better do this!)
A great detangler for knots and kinks ( I agree! It helped with that while twisting)
Fortifies and strengthens dull, lifeless curls
This super slick serum will smooth out and defrizz your curls, kinks and waves giving your hair more elasticity and spring (hmm…)
Curls are a breeze (wonder what coils are!)

I noticed that the first ingredient listed is water and I like that. However, it has Paraffinum Liquidum, which I usually stay away from. If this product works, then I may change my views on it.

So there! Now we wait for the verdict 😉

20130525-095625.jpg #NoIWasNotPaid #MorningEyebrows

Always me,