How big is it?

Hey World,

Have you ever searched for something and when you found it you realized it was more than you needed? Let me explain. 

I have a big head. Yes it’s true. No you cannot say it. But just know it’s true. I also have big hair…yes you can say it. This has made my search for the perfect shower cap difficult. For a long time I’ve battled with shower caps that only protect three-quarters of my hair and the rest is up to me to protect my hair by carefully showering…if that is possible. Anyway, my search led me to Amazon where wonderful things happen. Guess what? I found one. 

Let’s just say it’s more than I need. This thing is HUGE. Gigantic. Enormous. But it protects my hair no matter which style it’s in. 

I just wanted to share this with you. 
Always me,


Cantu Or Cantu?

Hey World,

This is a story about Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner and Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner. No I did not make a mistake. This is a case of Cantu or Cantu? Let me explain 

I bought my usual Cantu Shea Butter Leave In (Cantu no. 1) from a certain store and it finished. Then I got another one from a different store (Cantu no. 2). There was a problem. Cantu 2 seemed better than Cantu 1. With Cantu 2, I noticed it felt slick compared to Cantu 1. Same container, same everything. 

This is a case of “fall back and trust me to catch you”. Which one should I trust? Which one will catch me? I have a feeling I should trust Cantu 2. Was any of them tampered with? I hope it’s just a case of change in formula. I no longer remember how it’s supposed to feel like on my hair. I just know now that one is slippery and the other is not. One allows me detangle with ease and the other doesn’t. 

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m just rambling here. Bear with me because I’m confused. 

Oh yeah, my edges are still falling off …

Always me,


Bantu and Braid United

Hey World,

A lot happened to me during the weekend. I will only mention the hair related one (a work related one has been revealed on Instagram).

It all started with washday. I decided to wash my hair on Saturday morning (Lausanne really decided for me). After washing, I kept my hair in a towel wrap till evening. This was not by choice. I just had to find time to continue. Anyway, I moisturised as usual with my TLC method and decided to twist and wrap in Bantu knots. Good decision? I think NOT. 

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I was getting ready for Mass and decided to unravel my Bantu knots. I imagined my flowing curls moving in the wind…yes wind 😁. Reality set in after I had unraveled all the twists. My hair was still damp. I didn’t even wait for the dampness to take its toll on my hairstyle. I braided my hair in two, pinned the braids behind my head and went to Church. 

Fast fast forward to Monday morning (today), I unraveled my braids and loved what I saw. A Bantu and Braid United hairstyle. 

My break is over. 

Always me,


My 2010 Mind: The Sunday Man

Hey World,

It’s time for another insight into my 2010 Mind. Here is what I wrote back then:


Lately I’ve been having “unbloggable” days (please excuse my use of a non-existent word). Yesterday was one of such days. Nothing interesting happened to me. Nothing at all. Sitting at home, bored, carrying out Day 2 of my personal strike, I realised that not going to work may not have been a good choice at all. However, one event kept coming to mind. The Event of Last Sunday. This is where the title of this post comes in. The Sunday Man has been on my mind.

Whenever I go to church, I try to sit in a particular row, about two rows behind the Sunday Man. Let me give you some information on this man before I get to the point.

The Sunday Man never misses mass. If I go by 7am, I see him. If I go by 9am, I still see him. This led to my conclusion that this man attends mass twice every Sunday. He is always early. I have never seen him walk in. He’s always there before me. He sits in the same exact spot. I laugh at him sometimes but this is because I can’t help myself. I do not laugh at the fact that he is mentally challenged (he really is) but I do laugh at some of his actions. He goes for every thanksgiving, whether or not he knows the people. Sometimes he spontaneously dashes towards the altar and has to be restrained by some ushers. Sometimes he raises a book (which has nothing to do with Church) and begins walking towards the altar. This always attracts the attention of the ushers who restrain him. His movements are timed by these ushers who stand beside him before he can think of doing anything. All these are distractions but I can’t seem to help laughing.

Well the event of last Sunday put a stop to my laughter. The Sunday Man touched me. Not physically, but emotionally. This is what happened…

It was time for Thanksgiving. A couple was thanking God for their recent marriage. The Sunday Man got up (as usual) waiting to follow the procession. He usually waits to be the last in line. An old woman with boils on her face and a bad leg was in the procession. As she slowly walked down the aisle, cane in hand, the people behind her seemed to be impatient. I saw the annoyance on their faces. They couldn’t stand how slow the woman was moving. As she got near the Sunday Man, he touched the hand that she used to hold her cane and stopped her. I couldn’t hear what he said to her but I could read her lips. She said “thank you”. I assume he told her sorry and I couldn’t help but feel bad. I felt bad for all the times I laughed at this man. Out of everybody around the woman, it was the man who was termed ‘insane’ that shared kind words with the woman.

For some reason, this one act has made me stop laughing at this man. I now think of him as sent by God. Who knows of his purpose in that church? Who knows why he does what he does? God bless the Sunday Man.

The End

Wow, I am definitely not this person anymore, who would even laugh at that man in the first place! Anyway this has brought back memories of the Sunday Man. I hope he’s doing well. Once again, God bless the Sunday Man. 

Please note that the featured picture was taken today (day after wash day). I was too chicken to unravel it for a twist out. I wasn’t sure if it had dried so I went to work with my twists. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. I will post about part 2 of my wash day routine to get my future twist out, whether it looks good or not (I’m hoping the former).  I’m too sleepy to do that now! 

Always me, 


So Far So… I Don’t Know

Hey World,

This is a post about my wash day. Or should I say part one of it. Lausanne decided when my wash day would be and it wasn’t last night. Since Her Highness decided I had no choice but to wash my hair this morning, I embarked on the journey. 

Let’s just say, so far so…I don’t know. This is what I’ve been able to to till now (2pm Netherlands time). 

Step one: Part my hair in two 

Step Two: Spray with my water and oil mix, followed by a generous amount of coconut oil. 

Step Three: Braid my hair in four parts…and rush to soothe my screaming baby. No time for pictures! 

Step Four: Wash my hair with black soap and follow with conditioner (at the speed of light) and rinse. 

Step Five: Use a towel to remove excess water (dabbing and not rubbing) and cover with a microfiber hair towel…and calm fussy baby down. 

Step Six: Pray to God I have time to do something nice to my hair before work tomorrow! 

Always me,

Hopeful Sandeey 

Good Sunday

“Mummy Finger, Mummy Finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am, how do you do?…”

Finally I have some time to myself to write something! These kids were not having it today. Marcello woke up so early and Lausanne did not let me sleep! It was a very tired Sunday Morning so we decided to go for evening Mass. That means, I had to wait till evening to find out if my hair would be nice or not. 

Fast forward to evening, it was time to find out if the previous night’s TLC routine worked out. I have to say that it did!!! See for yourselves…

No updo for this mama! It’s too bad this night is wash night. I pray I have the strength. All I want to do now is sleep. 

So to recap, my TLC moisturising regimen is this:

  • Spray with Jojoba and water mix and leave for one minute
  • Use Cantu leave in conditioner 
  • Seal the moisture with Shea Butter

I think I just may stick to this routine. I will try it again and see how my hair does for the week. 

Always me,


Change of Mind

Dear World,

How are you today? I just wanted to let you know that I changed my mind about wash day…again. As you know, it was supposed to be on Thursday or Friday (yesterday) but I decided against it. Thursday’s change of mind was as a result of my balding edges but yesterday’s was because I decided it wouldn’t be wise. I am resuming work on Tuesday (after my maternity leave expires) and would need to have fresh hair all week. This cannot be possible with an early wash day. I have decided to wait till Sunday to wash my hair. This will give it time to dry and be in a style (fingers crossed) by Tuesday.

However, I gave my hair some TLC minus the trimming last night. I prefer trimming after a good wash. I brought out my hair spray bottle (it even sprays upside down!) with Jojoba Oil and Water, then my good ol’ Shea Butter and of course my Cantu Leave in Conditioner. 

I unraveled my hair in sections, and sprayed my oil and water mixture. I let the water sink in for about a minute then applied my leave in and topped it up with my Shea Butter. I paid extra attention to my ailing edges. My hair felt so good. It still feels good as I write this. 

My hair is currently in twists and I will be rocking what I believe would be a lovely twist out tomorrow to Church. If it isn’t lovely, I will go with an updo. Let’s see what happens. 

Always me,