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  1. I don’t know if my computer is messing with me or if you’ve been changing your blog layout and/background. Whatever it is, I’m loving how it looks right now πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Sandeey. real lovely and informative blog. Saw d feature on Naturally Nigerian, was glad to find out you are based in Abuja! (Hopefully at least cos u mentioned it). I am on a natural hair journey myself started Dec last year (last relaxer that is!!!!!). I’ve been on braids or corn rows since. Please do tell…. where can I get a stylist here in Abuja that can work with or on natural hair (am tired of salons that keep insisting I relax my hair, I am on the verge of doing the big chop now); Also any advice on products etc would be appreciated. Again nice work on the blog… more grease and more grace.

  3. Hi. I recently decided to go natural, and after transitioning for five months, i cut my hair. Now i have about two inches of natural hair. How did you style your hair when it was shorter?

    • Hello,
      I cut my hair after 8-9 months of transitioning and all I did were medium sized kinky twists with extensions and I also wore wigs. I did this for a while and learned how to flat twist when my grew out to a length I could work with. That’s when I began styling my hair with flat twist-outs. With 2 inches of hair, I believe you should consider protective styling and allow it grow out a bit.

      • Thanks. I’ve been doing protective styling for two months now. I guess i’ll continue with it.

  4. Hi Sandy.

    Just stumbled upon your blog after checking out curlynikki. You know how when you start something new, all you do is ‘stalk’ other people online (and off) that are doing something similar? lol, well i’m now an official natural hair stalker. I was so happy to find out you on curlynikki, and even happier still to find out you reply all posts on your blog.

    So i just cut off my relaxed ends last week, after carrying both unrelaxed and relaxed hair for a year. It was at first daunting because my natural hair was waaay shorter that I’d assumed and I was upset about that for two days, but i got over myself and realized i could actually do some things with my hair at this length- not too short, not medium length either.

    Anyway, I’d like to have a ‘natural friend’ i can communicate with regularly, so if you could drop me an email, that would be fantastic.

    Your blog is fantastic by the way!

    Oh and I left Abuja in January for Lagos. I was working there for 3 years. It would have been nice to have known you then πŸ™‚

    Talk to you soon…?


  5. I just did my big chop last month. Can I do any thing to my hair apart from braids. My hair is just about 2inches or so. Thanks.

    • Hey, you can attempt flat twist outs…however, the style may not last long. You can still try though, this is the best time to learn. I must confess that i experimented at that stage with styling but a lot of disasters led me to wear wigs as plan b. πŸ™‚

  6. hi, i just found out about your site yesterday for the first time, and i have been on my natural hair since last year. so i would love it if you can send me some of the hair foods you use. i am based in Nigeria. thanks

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