Happy King’s Day…if you know what that is. It’s the King’s birthday here in the Netherlands so I dressed the kids up in the appropriate orange gear:

As for me, let’s just say I did not dress up or even get my hair done. We used the day to rest and boy was I tired of resting. 

It’s wash day or should I say wash night today or tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. I usually fix a wash date with my kinks when Lausanne is well fed, rested and in the mood to hang out without me. I hope I have enough time to give my hair some TLC. It’s been a long time since I used a deep conditioner so I will attempt that and a little trim as well.  Fingers crossed. 

Always me,


Are you sleeping?

Hey World,

You know the rhyme “are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John?”  Well I’m pretty sure he was sleeping so lucky him. I cannot remember the last time I slept…well.  Anyway, whether I sleep or not, I still have to protect my hair at night…right?

Well after my day out yesterday with my family, I twisted my hair into four places. I didn’t feel the need to use any moisturizer because it was still moisturised. However, I did use my Jojoba oil while twisting. Then I decided to take a pic! 

Thanks to my personal camera man, Le Hubz. 

Well immediately after, I put on my satin scarf. Let’s just say I don’t really wait for night to put my scarf on. I love laying around at times so I must protect my hair always. 

I have to go way off topic for a second here. How did I not know that yoghurt bark was so yummy! I recently found a recipe for yogurt bark online. I made mine with Greek yoghurt and a little honey. Yum! 

Alright, back to hair. How do you sleep at night? Do you protect your kinks/coils/curls/locs etc.? Or do you allow it sleep on your pillow? If it’s the latter, I sure do hope it’s a satin pillow. Note to self: Get one! 

Always me,


My 2010 Mind: The Life of Suya

Hey World,

As promised, here is a piece I wrote for my private blog in 2010. I must warn you, this has nothing to do with hair! Try to enjoy. For those who don’t know what Suya is, here is a pic (it’s delicious!)…

The Life of Suya

Whenever I go to eat suya, I never think about how the meat feels being on the fire. Roasting and being drenched in oil for my pleasure. You may be thinking it’s crazy to have such thoughts…well it isn’t. I had them today.

I stepped out of the office (wish I could say ‘my office’) and stood looking for a taxi. Squinting and trying to stay calm under the scorching sun, I reached into my bag for my sunglasses. Before I could say ‘hia!’, my eyes screamed! Why did they scream? NO SUNGLASSES! How could I not put my sunglasses in my bag? Why do I always forget important things like sunglasses and umbrellas respectively on sunny and rainy days. Well, with no safe haven for my eyes, I waited for a taxi.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four! No taxi. As I stood there praying for salvation in the form of a taxi, I recalled how I once shouted to a suya man: “oga make it done well well” (pardon my version of pidgin English). I imagined myself on the fire and my owners shouting the same. Oh suya you try so much. Next time I want to eat you I’ll thank you first.

Ten minutes later (1 hour in Sandra time) a taxi comes by. In my mind I’m dancing and singing praises while my mouth asks the man how much. I hop in and think I’m free from the scorching sun but to my horror the taxi is like an oven. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If I held dough I would’ve been eating cookies by the time I got home.

The sun beat my laps as if they annoyed it. It slapped my face and forced me to turn the other cheek. By the time I got home, I was scared to pet my dear dog. Why? You may ask. Well all I can say is I didn’t want my dog telling the suya man (sun) “oga thank you for this Suya, I mean Sandeey”.

Always me,


Play Day

Hey World,

As I write this, I am currently sitting at a table with my sweet Lausanne (who is thankfully asleep), at a place all for Marcello to play.

I guess I have some time to publish a post right now. 

So, I woke up this morning with the goal of looking human! Well, it almost didn’t happen. It seems some sort of alarm goes off in Lausanne’s head any time I touch my hair! Once again, I unraveled the chunky twists (made the previous night to keep my twist out in tact) at super sonic speed. I realized I would never be able to put my hair in a special style because Lausanne was determined to cling to me. So, while calming her down, I managed to come up with something fast. Here are the pics:

Not exactly what I wanted but it worked. Gone are the days where I spent a million years styling my hair. I have got to research hairstyles for moms with no time! 

Once again, I used Jojoba Oil on my hands while styling my hair. I love that oil! I recently found it for a wonderful buy one get one free deal. I’m so happy with my purchase. 

I bought other types of oils as well and will be using them from time to time, in different ways. I will be writing about my adventures with these oils. 

I’ve got to go now. 

Always me,


My 2010 Mind

Hello World,

I have decided to let you know a little bit about how my mind worked in 2010. I just remembered I had another blog called “Sandeey’s World” which I have now made private…for private reasons. However I will publish a few of my posts here for you to see. They made me smile because it was written so long ago. Time really flies. 

So, whenever you see the title “My 2010 Mind” just know that I am about to publish a post from my old blog. 

Yes this post is short. If you remember me, I do that sometimes. 

Okay, let me at least post some pictures!

At least the pictures made the post a little longer (smiles). 

Please tell me I’ve been forgiven! 

Always me,


An Unpublished Surprise

Hi World,

Its me again. You will not believe what I found… an unpublished post! I think it was written as an attempt a sorry attempt to get back to blogging a long time ago. I cannot remember why I never got around to publishing it. Oh well, here it is…


Hello World,

It has been a long time away from you. So much has happened in between. Let’s catch up!

I had my white wedding on December 13th 2014…



I gave birth to my wonderful son Marcello on May 22nd 2015…


And my hair…well lets just say my hair has not been nice to me. Firstly, postpartum shedding was hard on my edges. I hid it with handy headbands…(still do). Now its a bit better but not the best yet. Also, I gave myself a not so professional hair cut that has left the length of my hair with the status of unknown. Postpartum shedding got the best of me by leaving my hair in a tangled mess after each wash. Rather than being my patient self, I practically ripped my hair apart. Knowing the damage it had done to my ends, I decided to give myself a haircut to cut off the split ends and to make detangling easier. It worked for detangling but I know I still have a lot of split ends. I parted my hair in two and snipped off my ends…it doesn’t work so please do NOT try that. I only did that because I was running out of time. It was nighttime, Marcello was sleeping and I knew he would wake up for a midnight snack. And now you know how the rest of the story goes.

It’s such a shame that my amateur solution to balancing motherhood and taking care of hair led to such a bad decision. Now, parts of my hair are waist length and some others are not. I do not even want to know how it looks when straight. I will get myself a professional haircut soon. Right now, I keep my hair in kinky twists. It first started with medium-sized twists. Then it graduated to large twists. Do not be surprised if you see me with one huge twist on my head. I will tell you soon with a short story called “Why Did I Do This To Myself?!!”.

Its been nice catching up. I have really missed you all. xx

Always me, 


This really brings back memories of how I felt back then. By the way, I never got that professional haircut. As I type this, postpartum shedding has begun and my edges have begun traveling abroad. I believe I am prepared this time. Let’s see what happens.

Have you forgiven me yet?

Always me,


Sunday Morning

Hi World,

My Sunday kicked off with the soundtrack of baby’s cries and toddler’s whines. Fast forward to me trying to get ready for church. I needed to look like a human being and not a zombie mom for once. I decided I was going to unravel my twists and style my hair. With the help of some Jojoba Oil goodness on my palms (that stuff is good!), I unraveled my twists. Despite doing this with the speed of light (thanks to sweet Lausanne’s cries for attention), I believe it came out pretty well. I love my fluffy Sunday hair. 

We were almost late for church but a mini photo shoot still took place. Here are some pictures:

And after church…

So now, as I write this, I have released my hair from the grips of the hidden hairpins and have given it some freedom. It will probably last for a little while before my satin scarf puts it in captivity. I need a nap!

Double post today as an apology (did it work?). 

Bonus: Following me on Instagram (@hairoflife) gives you the best understanding of my hair adventures. I posted about Friday’s wash day regimen. This is the picture I posted…(visit my Instagram page for the words 🙂 ) Yes this is shameless advertising…

Ooo the kids are asleep! I will take that much needed nap now. 

Always me,