With Love From Instagram!

Hey Everyone,

Here’s a little love from Instagram. I posted some pics yesterday showing my non-poofy low bun achievement! I did it without bobby pins! My edges need flaxseed gel though…

Second picture shows my early morning face (a lot of filters) and Friday’s no heat stretched hair!



That’s all folks 🙂

Always me,


Le Grand Flat Twist

Howdy World,

I bring to you a hairstyle I have been practicing and hopefully it will turn out better one of these days.


You can see I didn’t bother parting my hair neatly…I will do better next time. Hmm, my forehead and the hair it’s growing…let’s see what it wants to do.

Should have warned you that it was a short post.

Always me,

Hair of the Week

Hey All,

Well this is my hair of the week…


Why am I calling it my hair of the week on a Tuesday?? Well…I am trying not to manipulate my hair too much this week. I will try to keep my hair like this till Friday. #fingerscrossed !

Does anyone have any suggestions for next week’s hairstyle?! If not…the punishment for you guys is…the Garden Egg style!! I will bring it back so save yourselves! #hehe.

Always me,